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When people have panic attacks, the feelings can be multiple and varied. They can experience trembling, sweats, chills, and chest pain. The overall common symptom is fear. The attack can happen anywhere but it is most common in crowded or enclosed places. The cause is unknown. Treatment consists of drugs to treat symptoms or therapy. 

NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING can help with panic attacks by supporting the body nutritionally and allowing the body to heal itself. The first thing to do is eliminate barriers to healing such as metals, chemicals, food sensitivities and then support the weakest areas of the body with natural supplements (genuine replacement parts) so the body can heal itself. The 1st visit is the testing; the 2nd visit is the Doctor’s Report of Findings. Both visits are a total of $60. At the Report of Findings, your options are presented to you and you can then decide if NRT is for you. NRT is safe, natural and affordable.




I am a 39-year-old Registered Nurse. About 6 months ago I was experiencing what I now know was symptoms of anxiety caused from an imbalance in my body’s cellular functions. Some of my symptoms included:  anxiety/panic attacks, insomnia, fatigue, and chest pain and hair loss.

At the time, I went to my primary care physician thinking it was my thyroid or a hormone imbalance. After extensive blood work and several visits to my doctor she said, “you’re fine…everything is in normal limits.”  I remember thinking…but I’m not fine!  Soon after that I found myself in the ER with classic symptoms of a MI (heart attack). Once again, they found nothing…blood work, EKG, CT, etc…I didn’t know where to turn, and I knew I wasn’t crazy or depressed! 

I was familiar with NRT from my little sister. She had amazing results through NRT for her digestion and joint pain issues. Through supplementation, supplying my body with what it needed to heal itself…I am now feeling amazingly healthy! Within about 6-8 weeks my life was changed. I went back to work, I was sleeping again, the hair loss had slowed down, I had tons of energy, and no more “heart attacks”!

I just wanted to let everyone know that NRT really works! Dr. Daney does not diagnose or treat disease. He gives your body what it needs to heal itself through natural supplements! Even though my blood work and tests were “normal”, I knew that my thyroid and other areas were not functioning the way they should! Through Dr. Daney and NRT…I got my life back!!!!


Maumee Chiropractor | ANXIETY PANIC ATTACKS. Dr. Patrick B. Daney is a Maumee Chiropractor.
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