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Digestive problems can range from the esophagus to the lower bowel. From reflux to constipation to diarrhea, or a combination of the above, Irritable Bowel, Chrones Disease, Colitis, bloating, gas can all be life altering chronic health problems. There is help and there are answers to chronic digestive issues.

Nutritional Response Testing can help. Make an appointment to be tested with NRT. The initial test is only $60.00 and it includes the Doctor’s Report of Findings on the 2nd visit. NRT is safe, natural and affordable.




Augustine, my son, who is now 9 years old, was nursed for the first year of his life. Although I was a healthy eater and only drank water, herbal tea and milk, Augustine was throwing up more than he was burping and always seemed to have a bloated abdomen. At 6 months of age, he had an appointment with a Pediatric GI specialist. I was told that Augustine had an “incompetent sphincter” between his esophagus and his stomach and that he “would probably grow out of it.”  He was prescribed 15 mg Prevacid powder once daily to decrease the acid production in his stomach which should decrease the vomiting. By age 1, he began having several episodes of a significantly bloated, painful abdomen for which we began giving gas relief medicine.

By age 3, Augustine’s symptoms were worsening and he was prescribed 30 mg Prevacid, an adult dose. His condition improved with this dose but he still had frequent episodes of pain, bloating and just vomiting for no apparent reason. We could all be sitting at the kitchen table eating and he would just get up and go to the garbage can, throw up and then come back and eat some more. We encouraged him to eat slower and chew his food more but the symptoms continued.

When he turned 4 years old, we went for our bi-annual appointment to the Pediatric GI specialist and I asked for an endoscopic examination of Augustine’s GI tract. I am an RN and was tired of being played as the “over-reactive RN mom”. The Doctor agreed but still didn’t see any point in doing the procedure. Much to the Doctor’s surprise, my son’s GI tract was riddled with a condition known as EOSINOPHILIC ESOPHAGITIS, which is associated with many food allergies. The University of Pittsburg and the University of Cincinnati are the only two institutions in the USA that research and treat E.E. Their protocol is followed nationwide.

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