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If you have been diagnosed with irritable bowel, you know symptoms can range from mild to severe. Stress makes it worse.  Abdominal pain, fullness, gas, bloating, cramping, diarrhea and/or constipation are all common symptoms. The goal of most treatments is to relieve symptoms. This is done with drugs and food elimination.

Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) is a system to first find the barriers to healing. They can be heavy metals, chemicals, food sensitivities and immune challenges. Once the offenders are recognized, they are dealt with by using whole food supplements, sometimes herbs and/or homeopathies. It is safe, effective, holistic and economical. The first visit is only $60 and it includes your 2nd visit which is the Doctor’s Report of Findings. At that point, you can decide if NRT is for you.




I have been seeing Dr. Daney for Nutritional Response Testing for about three months. I have suffered from irritable bowel syndrome for nearly 20 years. It has been manageable for most of those years, but had recently gotten to the point where it was limiting my lifestyle. I was referred to Dr. Daney by a family member who knew that my symptoms were worsening.

The Nutrition Response Testing allowed me to pinpoint which foods to avoid, something I could only guess at before. It also showed Dr. Daney which supplements I should be taking to optimize the healing process. With the combination of the supplements and my change in diet, I have seen positive results. I still have good days and bad days, but the symptoms are much less severe, as well as less frequent. I was able to truly enjoy myself on a vacation a month ago because I was not spending so much time worrying about where the bathroom was!

I am truly grateful for the help I have received from Dr. Daney. I expect that my symptoms will continue to lessen over time. I am enjoying the added bonus of a life with less anxiety that was brought on by living with the debilitating effects of 20 years of IBS.


I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome which I had for two years. I was feeling exhausted and hungry all the time because everything I was eating was going right through me. I received help from Dr. Daney who performed Nutritional Response Testing on me.

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