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Joint pain may have many different causes. Unless there is trauma involved it is usually diagnosed as some sort of arthritis. Drugs are commonly used to treat the symptoms. We do not diagnose arthritis. We use Nutritional Response Testing to determine which barriers are keeping the body from healing. Common barriers to healing can include chemicals from the environment, food sensitivities and/or heavy metals such as mercury, lead and aluminum. Then we support the body with natural whole food supplements so the body can heal itself. 

NUTRITIONAL RESPONSE TESTING is a system that we use in our office to customize a nutritional program for you to allow your body to heal itself. We first find barriers that may be keeping your body from healing such as heavy metals, food sensitivities, chemicals, etc. We help your body eliminate these toxins gently then we start with the weakest organ or tissue in your body and support it with supplements made from organic whole foods. Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself if you eliminate the barriers & feed the organs.

Make an appointment for a painless non-invasive Nutritional Response Test. The testing takes approximately 40 minutes. You will return for a Doctor’s Report of Findings. Both visits are only a total of $60. You are given all the information you need to decide if NRT is for you. NRT is safe, gentle and affordable.




We cannot thank you enough for what has changed in our daughter since her first visit five months ago. Our 15 year old daughter was born with a host of medical problems, and then at age 8 she had a brain abscess. We came to you with joint pain (wrists, ankles, hips and shoulders) and digestive problems as our major concerns. She couldn’t play baseball, had to quit piano and then guitar lessons because of wrist pain. She would have pain just walking or riding her bike. She would go 6-7 days without a bowel movement, had uncontrollable burping. After three weeks she was pain free and still is. After a month, she asked if she could take guitar lessons again. She is running outside, riding her bike, catching a ball and using a bat. Her digestion problems are 95% improved. We are totally amazed and so grateful with her progress. Something we had been dealing with for a long time has been erased. Her doctor had prescribed medications and therapy. Nothing worked. A friend told us about you and we are still in awe at the response to NRT. I don’t like to think where we were last year at this time—not knowing where to turn. Thank you Dr. Daney!!!!!  And we want to mention also, it makes it much easier on us financially since you are reasonable and prescribe only necessary supplements.

Amanda and Her Family

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