Accelerated Allergy Clearing Technique

Accelerated Allergy Clearing Technique is a system designed to desensitize a person to a specific substance or substances.

In Western medicine the body is looked at as a group of related working parts. When one or more of these parts start to disfunction (symptoms), the doctor picks out the chemical (drug) that masks that symptom, assuming that the side effects produce by that drug are not worse than the original symptom.

Many symptoms in the body can be linked to a sensitivity to a substance that the body is exposed to which produce an abnormal reaction. The substance can be virtually anything -a food, pet, vitamin, chemicals, weeds, flowers, mold, fabric, carpet, etc.

In Eastern medicine the body is looked at as more than a group of separate parts. It is seen as a whole organism, and the energy of that organism must be balanced in relationship to the other organs to have proper function (health.) When one of the parts starts to malfunction it has to be brought into energetic balance with the rest of the body. Acelerated Allergy Clearing works by balancing the energy of the meridians (energy pathways) as they are affected by the offending substance. In that way, when the body comes in contact with that substance it has a normal reaction. The treatment is painless and safe. More than one substance can be treated at a time. On average, a substance may require 3-6 treatments, some more, some less.

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