Digestive problems can range from the esophagus to the lower bowel. From reflux to constipation to diarrhea, or a combination of the above, Irritable Bowel, Chrones Disease, Colitis, bloating, gas can all be life altering chronic health problems. There is help and there are answers to chronic digestive issues.

Nutritional Response Testing can help. Make an appointment to be tested with NRT. The initial test is only $60.00 and it includes the Doctor’s Report of Findings on the 2nd visit. NRT is safe, natural and affordable.



Augustine, my son, who is now 9 years old, was nursed for the first year of his life. Although I was a healthy eater and only drank water, herbal tea and milk, Augustine was throwing up more than he was burping and always seemed to have a bloated abdomen. At 6 months of age, he had an appointment with a Pediatric GI specialist. I was told that Augustine had an “incompetent sphincter” between his esophagus and his stomach and that he “would probably grow out of it.”  He was prescribed 15 mg Prevacid powder once daily to decrease the acid production in his stomach which should decrease the vomiting. By age 1, he began having several episodes of a significantly bloated, painful abdomen for which we began giving gas relief medicine.

By age 3, Augustine’s symptoms were worsening and he was prescribed 30 mg Prevacid, an adult dose. His condition improved with this dose but he still had frequent episodes of pain, bloating and just vomiting for no apparent reason. We could all be sitting at the kitchen table eating and he would just get up and go to the garbage can, throw up and then come back and eat some more. We encouraged him to eat slower and chew his food more but the symptoms continued.

When he turned 4 years old, we went for our bi-annual appointment to the Pediatric GI specialist and I asked for an endoscopic examination of Augustine’s GI tract. I am an RN and was tired of being played as the “over-reactive RN mom”. The Doctor agreed but still didn’t see any point in doing the procedure. Much to the Doctor’s surprise, my son’s GI tract was riddled with a condition known as EOSINOPHILIC ESOPHAGITIS, which is associated with many food allergies. The University of Pittsburg and the University of Cincinnati are the only two institutions in the USA that research and treat E.E. Their protocol is followed nationwide.

There is no cure for E.E. It is a disease that Augustine will NOT ever outgrow. It is a chronic condition that after long term erosion of the lining of his esophagus, will eventually lead to Barrett’s Esophagus which is a precursor to Esophageal Cancer. Treatment is avoiding foods that cause worsening of the symptoms and keeping the symptoms “at bay”. For E.E., maintenance meds include daily doses of Prevacid for the GERD, Singulair (a med usually used for those with asthma; found to be helpful for those with E.E.), and an antihistamine (he was prescribed Claritin) to decrease the body’s allergic response.

First as a mom and then as an RN, I worked diligently at eliminating several foods in his diet and began experimental antigen therapy prescribed by an allergist. This enabled him to eat more foods and traces of those he was allergic to but GI symptoms persisted. Augustine continued to have bouts of abdominal pain that were excruciating and there was nothing I could give or do to make them go away or to get better. As parent who was also an RN who felt helpless and hopeless personally and professionally.  Augustine would frequently tell me “You’re a nurse mom – do something!”  All I could ever do was hold him, console him, provide warm packs to his abdomen, and pray for the pain to go away. Pray for a cure for what he had. We were all frustrated with the doctors’ frequent responses of “you just have to live with it.” 

Augustine would have at least 2-3 severe stomach aches a month. We have had 3 visits to the ER for extraordinarily painful stomach aches (between the ages of 4-8) and another one when we were caught in a traffic jam out of town. There are no warning signs just severe sharp abdominal pains. The Doctor’s are always baffled, never having heard of the diagnosis before. They ask us questions, are intrigued with our responses, look on-line for answers and comeback empty handed. “There’s nothing we can do.”  We wait out the pain and are sent home without any more answers than when we went in. We continued to watch our son suffer and live in fear of the next attack and when it might happen and its severity.

My husband and I would go on-line every now and then over the years to check on new research and progress on control of E.E.  As a nurse, I really didn’t like my son being on so many meds at such a young age with no end in sight of discontinuing them.  Recent medical literature was now stating the dangerous long term effects of Prevacid on the liver and pancreas. I knew he needed it but what were our options? I didn’t know where to turn since we seemed to continue hitting dead ends. 

I was seeing Dr. Daney in January of 2009 for Chiropractic for myself. I shared with him my frustration about Augustine’s medical condition and medical treatment plan (or lack thereof). I told him I felt as if I had hit a brick wall that was impassable from all sides.  Dr. Daney told me about Nutritional Response Therapy (NRT). I started bringing Augustine for NRT in February 2009.  Dr. Daney worked diligently with diagnosis and treatment. We committed ourselves to recommended appointments and the supplements required to improving Augustine’s condition. 

I believed in the healing power of the supplements because they were organically grown and processed and have purposes for specific parts of the human body. I readily stopped using the Singulair and the Claritin but stopping the Prevacid was more challenging mentally – I knew how miserable Augustine was if he accidently missed just 1 dose of the Prevacid. Four months into treatment, I began weaning him off the Prevacid and eventually completely off.

Augustine has gone from being miserable daily and having severe stomach attacks two to three times per month to being pain free, stomachache free, and best of all, medication free!!!!  I am amazed at the progress Dr. Daney with NRT with Augustine’s condition that seemed hopeless only two and a half years ago.

Thank you Dr. Daney for your persistence and perseverance that lead to successful, drug free, and pain free maintenance of Augustine’s Eosinophillic Esophagitis.   


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