The most common chronic health problem complaint is fatigue. Fatigue is also the most common improvement patients mention when they write a testimonial for Nutritional Response Testing.


is a system that we use in our office to customize a nutritional program for you to help your body to heal itself. We first find what barriers may be keeping your body from healing such as heavy metals, food sensitivities, chemicals, etc. We help your body eliminate these toxins gently, then we start with the weakest organ or tissue in your body and support it with supplements made from organic whole foods. Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself if you eliminate the barriers & feed the organs. Make an appointment for a painless non-invasive Nutritional Response Test. The testing takes approximately 40 minutes. You will return for a Doctor’s Report of Findings. Both visits are only a total of $60. You are given all the information you need to decide if NRT is for you.



I met Dr. Daney through Healthy Maumee to Hollywood in June. He came to one of the meetings to discuss nutrition. You Are What You Eat. My friend and I were so interested in his presentation that we both made an appointment for a nutrition evaluation.  I went to my appointment with a lengthy list of complaints. My main concern was the fact that I was always so tired. Dr. Daney did an evaluation and found that my thyroid was weak. He started me on natural supplements to improve my thyroid. He told me I would not notice an overnight change but that it would be a very subtle change. Within a short period of time, I was amazed how much more energy I had, how much better I was able to deal with stress and how much more relaxed I felt. It was a total change for me. He has also been able to correct many of my other complaints with the nutrition evaluation and supplements.

The next step, which was huge for me, was to try chiropractic treatment. Dr. Daney uses the Koren specific technique for my chiropractic treatments. It has made a tremendous difference in the way my back feels. I have been so impressed with the Koren specific technique, I would recommend anyone give it a try. Thanks so much Dr. Daney! Thanks so much, Dr. Daney   


What a relief!  I found the help I needed to get my health back on track!  I found a natural way through Dr. Daney! My life was spinning out of control. I needed help so I could care not only for myself but for my three grandchildren too. Responsibility fell into my lap. I had to get my health in shape. My blood pressure was my main concern. I couldn’t make it through the day! By noon I was ready to lie down and had no energy.


Now I’m back moving! I really don’t need a nap at all (but take one once in awhileJ.) I can now plan on getting my housework done and keeping up with the grandchildren too!

Where would I be now without the supplements and treatment I received from Dr. Daney? It’s amazing how far I have come. Just a few months later and I am moving again and feeling great!


Initially, I went to Dr. Pat Daney for a chronic lower back pain problem. He was able to resolve my chronic lower back problem very quickly and thoroughly. He then asked me how I was doing in other areas of my general overall health and I actually complained of over 15 “normal aging problems” like low energy, waking up too early, restful sleep and more. He explained to me that a lot of these problems were very real but not problems I had to continue to live with and recommended a Nutritional Response Testing evaluation and treatment plan. I agreed and am very glad I did. 

My list of “normal aging problems” had shrunk to almost nothing. As a result of Dr. Daney’s treatment, I’m eating healthier, drinking healthier, lost 20 pounds, sleep better and have a lot more energy. Need I say more? 

We all seem to have a lot of “normal aging problems” we just seem to accept as a normal part of growing older (I am 61) and put up with. I am very happy with the results of Dr. Daney’s Nutritional Response Testing Program. I recommend you ask him about it.

Bob D.

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