Dear Dr. Patrick Daney,

I would like let you know what you have done for me that no one else has been able to do so well.

I have 4 major physical issues that have caused me to slow down in my activities even to the point of not being able to perform them. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, diabetes, chronic kidney issues, and 2 titanium knees. My endurance has been limited, I have been in chronic pain, unable to sweep and do some house chores, as well as use my hands and arms for any exacting jobs.

I am 66 years old and on medical disability with a lot of medications.

Since I have been coming to you, I no longer have signs and symptoms of kidney issues, my pain is under control the majority of time, my diabetes is easier to control, and I was able to take my dream vacation this year. My husband and I went to Alaska from Ohio on the motorcycle. We were gone for 5 weeks and I was able to control my usual limitations and truly enjoyed myself when many of my family and friends said I would not be able to complete this trip. By the way, some of my meds have been reduces by my regular doctors. They admitted they were surprised at my present health status especially after my long trip to Alaska. Most of them felt I wouldn't make it thry the entire vacation. I came home feeling better that I had in a long time.

Thank you so much.

Lynne RN


I had been barely living, only able to go to work and an occasional outing because of pain, nausea, sensitivity to heat and cold, and just plain exhaustion. I had been to a neurologist, and ENT, an acupuncturist, my family physician, a chiropractor, a neurosurgeon and a general surgeon searching for answers as to why I was in so much pain and always feeling “sick”. After lots of tests (and lots of money spent), I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. I had kind of resigned myself to the fact that the rest of my life would just be a struggle, and I’m only 52. It was so sad to me that I may not be able to ever take my new grandson to the park, babysit for him, or have any other kind of fulfilling life outside of work. It was a very bleak outlook, and then I was diagnosed with major depression. Always looking for answers, a dear friend of mine and I were discussing my health issues when she mentioned that her chiropractor, Dr. Patrick Daney, also did Nutrition Response Testing. I went to his website a few weeks later, thinking that it probably wouldn’t really help me, but the information was compelling and I had nothing to lose. I called and made an appointment, and I am so glad I did!! After a few short months, I am truly a new woman. I have energy to spare, no more digestion problems, very little fibro pain, my hair, skin and nails look so much healthier, and I have a renewed outlook on life! I am so, so grateful to my friend for recommending him, and to Dr. Daney and his wonderful staff for the work they do to help people improve their health when they thought all hope was gone. I now look forward to waking up in the morning, and honestly I feel better in every way, than I can ever remember. When I look back, I didn’t really know how sick I was until I know now how good I feel! “Thank you” just doesn’t cover how grateful I am to Dr. Daney for his kindness, compassion, and practice of NRT.



I was generally in good health before my auto accident in November 2002. A head injury left me with constant head pain, debilitating headaches and loss of taste and smell. The back of my head was so sensitive; I rarely experienced a full night's sleep and could not even recline to read. When sleeping, the pain caused from changing positions from lying on my side to lying on my back caused me to awaken. Pins & needles on the top and right side of my head were also a constant, although a minor inconvenience compared to the head and neck pain. After extensive therapy with a CranioSacral Therapist resulting in limited and temporary relief, I was prescribed the drug Neurontin for my headaches. Neurontin blocked the number of headaches suffered, but had other adverse side effects, and did not address the constant head pain & numbness. Then, in July , an epiphany; I remembered and decided to investigate chiropractic treatment. I called Dr. Daney, my Chiropractor of choice back in the 1980's before I moved to Texas, and made an appointment. After my initial visit, x-rays and exam, he thought he could help me and presented a treatment schedule. He also invited me to an orientation class. The class was extremely helpful in explaining chiropractic, but best of all, Dr. Daney answered all of my questions. Now, just two months later, I believe I have made remarkable progress. I am following the treatment plan which has resulted in increased range of motion in my neck and significantly reduced my head pain. I can now recline to read, sleep through most nights, and have stopped taking the drug Neurontin. I look forward to continuing treatments with Dr. Daney to obtain further improvement and sustained pain relief. My friends and family have noticed and commented on my improved health. I eagerly tell them it is due to Dr. Daney and his chiropractic skills. My only regret is that I didn't pursue chiropractic treatment directly after my accident in 2002! Additionally, it is so refreshing to enter an efficiently staffed and operated office where you feel welcome and each individual's time is respected. Truly, thank you for improving my quality of life!

Jean C.


Before doing the NRT program, I was having difficulties with asthma, reflux, and lack of energy. I had been sleeping in a recliner on and off for years to control my reflux and had been wearing a bipap at night (it was really attractive). I'm now able to sleep comfortably in bed without a bipap and no longer need to carry an inhaler with me. I have more energy. I didn't realize until after the first few months of the NRT program that I had been feeling so poorly! THANK YOU DANEY CHIROPRACTIC!



I met Dr. Daney through Healthy Maumee to Hollywood in June. He came to one of the meetings to discuss nutrition, You Are What You Eat. My friend and I were so interested in his presentation that we both made an appointment for a nutrition evaluation. i went to my appointment with a lengthy list of complaints. My main concern was that fact that I was always so tired. Dr. Daney did an evaluation and found that my thyroid was weak. He started me on natural supplements to improve my thyroid. He told me I would not notice an overnight change but that it would be a very subtle change. Within a short period of time, I was amazed how much more energy I had, how much better I was able to deal with stress and how much more relaxed I felt. It was a total change for me. He has also been able to correct many of my other complaints with the nutrition evaluation and supplements.

The next step, which was huge for me, was to try chiropractic treatment. Dr. Daney uses the Koren Specific Technique for my chiropractic treatments. It has made a tremendous difference in the way my back feels. I have been so impressed with the Koren Specific Technique, I would recommend anyone give it a try.

Thanks so much, Dr. Daney!


My neck had been stiff and sore for years. About 5 months ago, it became much worse. I developed 24-hour severe headaches at the base of my skull. The pain was constant. I went to four weeks of physical therapy. When I was through, the pain was worse and I had ringing in my ears. The range of motion in my neck was getting worse. I had an MRI done but that didn't give any answers. My medical doctor recommended I make an appointment with a neurosurgeon. While I was waiting to see the surgeon, I remembered I had seen Dr. Daney 20 years ago with low back pain and had good results. I figured I was heading for surgery anyway so I was willing to give Chiropractic a try.

My results have been more than I expected. I have better range of motion. No neck pain, the ringing in the ears is gone and no headaches. The best part is I have been able to avoid surgery.



I came to see Dr. Daney in August . I am a 72 year old woman. I had knee surgery in July, and my back was giving me a lot of pain. Think it was mostly sciatic. But on examination, a lot more was out of place.

I came in walking with a walker. I had been on medication since July. And my stomach was not handling it well. Also some dizziness.

It took many weeks of coming back 3 times a week, before I really could feel a big difference. And I remember telling Dr. Daney that I was very discouraged and did not think it was doing the job. He asked me to be patient for a little while longer. So I did, and wonders did take place.

I still come once a month, or sometimes more if I have a problem. And I would not have a problem if I did everything I was told to do by Dr. Daney. I feel better all over. I have not been ill as often as I used to be. I guess I would say I feel in better health than 4 years ago. A better spirit and feeling of well being. I have complete faith in Dr. Daney and the practice.

Dr. Daney is a very gentle, kind, and knowledgeable doctor. His support of your well being is his first concern. He offers suggestions and helpful practices. If you choose to do them, you will be the winner. Dr. Daney is one of my most favorite people. So happy to have him caring for me.
Pat E.


In August of 1988 I was involved in a serious auto accident. I suffered multiple fractures resulting in chronic neck, mid back, and low back pain. Since the accident I have experienced headaches, ringing in the ears and numbness in my hands. In November of I was working bent over and felt a pop in my low back that resulted in instant acute low back pain that radiated down my right leg. I had been seeing my family doctor previously for the other pain. I was now seeing her for my acute low back pain. She gave me medication which did not help. The side effects made me feel worse. She then sent me to a month of physical therapy. Still I had the acute pain. At that point I would describe my health as miserable. I then tried chiropractic. I'm happy to say I've had more improvement in two weeks of chiropractic care than in six months of drugs and therapy.



Prior to coming in to your office, I was experiencing back pain and my neck and shoulders were always tense. I had recently moved to Toledo and noticed your sign which prompted me to try your office. Since utilizing chiropractic, my back spasms have been eliminated, my headaches are improved, and my digestion is better. I talk to a lot of people about chiropractic and some are skeptical. I believe positive results speak volumes.

Kimberly D.


A year ago, March 2001, I suffered from a pinched nerve in my right shoulder area. Instead of coming to Dr. Daney, since it had been four years since I had been, I ran to my physician. He gave me steroids, painkillers and then an anti-inflammatory drug. After approximately a month, the pain subsided and I went about my business again, although it bothered me from time to time. Again in March of this year, it flared up again. Again, I went to my physician and he ordered an x-ray looking for arthritis, which came out negative. He prescribed a muscle relaxant, painkiller, and a strong anti-inflammatory. Things were not improving and I was not sleeping at night because of the pain. I began double dosing myself just to get some rest. After almost a month of this, I realized that this was not the answer and I called Dr. Daney. After six visits now, I am almost completely healed. I have not taken any other medication for this since I began my visits. I am so regretful that I did not come sooner. I realize now how much healthier I feel overall. I guess I was just pushing myself all the time to keep going, that I wasn't really paying attention to how I was feeling overall. I will never make that mistake again and I am feeling so good overall now, that I will make it point to continue my well treatments with Dr. Daney.

Thank you so much Pat for your help.


I want to thank you for your help. When I first came in to see you back in December I was a mess. As you know I was suffering from extreme migraine headaches, and I was pretty dysfunctional because of them. With your treatments I am no longer experiencing any headaches. Actually I feel terrific, and have a renewed enthusiasm. Your treatments and your diet recommendations have truly been a blessing.


I've been a patient of Dr. Pat Daney for a little over a year. I should have gone to him much sooner than I did. I have had chronic lower back pain all my life and about every 10 years or so would throw out my back and be on pain killers and muscle relaxers for weeks on end. I never felt comfortable about the conventional medical doctor treatment I was getting because it seemed to be a "quick fix-band-aid" approach with no real cure. That is when I went to see Dr. Pat Daney.

Bottom line...he was able to diagnose my problem and treat me without drugs and pain killers with teriffic results. And, he recommended an exercise plan to strengthen my abdominal muscles abdominal muscles to minimize return problems. Prior to seeing Dr. Daney I thought chiropractic treatment was sort of a blue smoke and mirrors thing which was frowned upon by the medical establishment. Well, I was wrong! I am very pleased with not only my treatment but Dr. Daney's staff. They do a wonderful job of scheduling you in at times that work well with your schedule..

Bob D.


We cannot thank you enough for what has changed in our daughter since her first visit five months ago. Our 15 year old daughter was born with a host of medical problems, then at age 8 she had a brain abcess. We came to you with joint pain (wrist, ankles, hips and shoulders) and digestion problems as our major concerns. She couldn't play baseball, had to quit piano and then guitar lessons because of wrist pain. She would have pain just walking or riding her bike. She would go 6-7 days without a bowel movement, had uncontrollable burping.

After three weeks, she was pain free and still is. After a month she asked if she could take guitar lessons again. She is running outside, riding her bike, catching a ball and using a bat. Her digestion problems are 95% improved. We are totally amazed and so grateful with her progress. Something we had been dealing with for a long time has been erased. Her doctor had prescribed medications and therapy. Nothing worked. A friend told us about you and we are still in awe at the response to NRT. I don't like to think where we were last year at this time---not knowing where to turn.

Thank you Dr. Daney!!!!! And we want to mention also, it makes it much easier on us financially since you are reasonable and recommend only necessary supplements.
>Amanda and her family


I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome which I had for two years. I was feeling exhausted and hungry all the time because everything I was eating was going right through me. I received help from Dr. Daney who performed Nutritional Testing on me. From this testing, he was able to determine what my body needed. After a series of visits and some natural supplements, my body started to revert back to its normal operations. As a result, my body is able to utilize the food I am eating. I am now feeling strong and full of energy. Thanks Dr. Daney!


I have experienced all three along with the nausea that can accommodate these conditions for the last six years. Sometimes the dizziness and nausea would last up to 4-5 hours. I would have blackout episodes at church and sporting events. Needless to say I became paranoid not knowing when or where these symptoms were going to strike. I have been to my regular doctor, cardiologist, and E.N.T specialist in Ohio and Michigan. I have experienced testing such as Tilt Table, Stress-Test, steroid injections into my ears as well as oral steroid medications, an MRI and just about every test imaginable by E.N.T. doctors and nothing has helped. I met Dr. Daney not that long ago and he convinced me his Nutrition Response Testing could relieve my symptoms. I must confess I was skeptical. None of these specialists could help me. What was a Chiropractor going to do for me? Well I’m here to tell you his NRT program worked for me. I have gone several months without one dizzy spell. I was having them once a day. It’s safe, painless, and all natural. Thanks, Doc! You really helped me get my life back. KCM, LMT

Dear Dr. Daney,
The door I opened was to Your office. and in return, You opened and awakened my Life. How You do what you do ... KOREN SPECIFIC TECHNIQUE is unknown to me. AND, I AM So BLESSED You do KST!

I came to your office in January with over a years history of Vertigo issues. Unable to lower or turn my head without getting dizzy. Episodes of spinning rooms ....on my hands and knees trying to get down a hallway. Retching and passing out. Loss of hours at work due to inability to get myself together. I brought reports from many test. I had multiple ENT test, MRI, CT scan, with endless visits to my Primary Care Physician. then more Rx for Antivert aka Meclizine. I was unable to lay down- in bed and there was this daily issues with my vision, clarity, focus. It was difficult to feel secure walking. Over the summer, I had fallen twice outside my house. My Life was Hectic. I was Overwhelmed with stress compounded by the abundance of medical bills.

After my first appointment with You, I could tell something GOOD was happening in my head. After the first week of KST in your office I noticed a renewed ability in everything! I could walk better & move better. I was more confident. I WAS NOT DIZZY all the time. Three weeks later, I was Sleeping in Bed. Full nights of restful Sleep. along with pleasant Dreams. waking up feeling refreshed and ready to go. This, was Me again.

In a short period of time my abilities have returned. The feeling of: I CAN. This is Priceless to me and, I am Truly Grateful. Dr. Daney, I look forward to my future appointments. Linda and Janice are wonderful too. You all are Very kind and respectful. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER I



I first came to Dr. Daney for a sudden and extremely painful pinched nerve. I stayed because of the other positive changes I noticed in my body after chiropractic care. Before coming to Dr. Daney, I was tired all the time, I had constant headaches, sinusitis, severe allergies, and digestive problems It took me much longer than normal to heal from injuries or surgeries. I've been suffering form extreme pain from endometriosis for over 20 years. I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis, severe acid reflux, weight gain an stiff joints. I was unable to live my life 100% and I am only in my thirties.

After going to Dr. Daney for chiropractic care he introduced me to (Nutrition Response Testing). NRT is nutrition designed for each particular person's needs. Since beginning NRT I no longer have headaches, my severe allergies have decreased significantly and continue to improve, my energy level has skyrocketed, my skin is brighter and tighter.

One of the most amazing improvements was that I had had an injury 12 months prior. I had been going to occupational therapy and results were slow to say the least. After NRT my body started to improve. Suddenly, I was gaining strength and able to do more exercises. The occupational therapist couldn't believe or understand my sudden progress.

It's almost as if my body was speaking another language that no one understood. With NRT Dr. Daney was able to determine what my body was saying and give it what it was asking for to be able to heal. My body is positively responding!


I have been a patient for 11 years. I had my first heart attack in 1996 and was diagnosed with coronary artery disease, as well as, congestive heart failure. I had another heart attack in 2000 and "sudden death" in November of 2002, resulting in a pacemaker unit being put in my chest. I have been on so many prescription drugs during this time. I have been unable to work and on permanent disability since 2005.

I am writing this letter to say thank you for the help you have provided me with a nutritional supplement program I started with your help three months ago. Since I have been on the program, I have gained strength and muscle tone. I also feel much stronger and not as tired. I had my check-up with y cardiologist last week and he noticed a remarkable improvement, 20% in my heart's ability to function!

Thanks to you and your program I continue to feel stronger each day.


I have multiple health problems, including Scleroderma, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hepatitis, and many others. When I first saw Dr. Daney, I felt generally awful:, extremely tired all the time, making it difficult to drag myself out of bed in the morning, and difficult to do very much once I was up. I had been doing Arthritis Aquatics for years to help my muscle and joint pain, but had not felt well enough to go for many months. I was in a partial coma six years ago, due to a medication that severely depressed my central nervous system. During that time I gained 50 pounds, and then even more afterwards, and I had not been able to lose it. Since seeing Dr. Daney I feel much better. I have a lot more energy, and most mornings can get up ready to face the day. I have gone back to my Arthritis Aquatics class. I have also lost 15 pounds, and hopefully counting. It has made a tremendous difference in my life, because feeling better and having more energy lets me do more of what I want to do, and start to get my life back. I would encourage anyone with health problems to give Dr. Daney's system a try. Mary


Thank you so much for the Nutritional Response Testing program. I believe you have been instrumental in helping me achieve remission from Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.I no longer have fatigue! The spleen pain has subsided. I really feel good! I appreciate your professionalism in listening to me and taking what I say serious.

With your help, I have renewed hope. Thank you so much.

God's Peace,


Since starting Nutrition Testing with Dr. Daney, I feel better, my moods are more stable and I have more energy. An added bonus that I didn't expect is I'm losing weight! Bret


Over the past 4 years, I have had many irregular menstrual cycles. Along with the irregular cycles my lower abdomen was always tender along with my breast. After several doctors appointments, thyroid test, and blood test I had given up hope of every feeling normal again. That was until I went in to see Dr. Daney for an adjustment and I discussed my concerns with him about my health. He suggested that I go through a Nutrition Response Technique (NRT). Within 3 months I felt better than I had in quite a few years. It is amazing to me the natural effect an NRT had over my body. I appreciate Dr. Daney's enthusiasm in the NRT and as his patient, he has shared his passion and has made living more enjoyable.

Thanks Dr. Daney!


As a diabetic, I have come to realize that your health tends not to improve but degenerates as you age unless you take an active role in it. Before starting Nutritional Testing with Dr. Daney, I felt I did not have control of my own health.

With the Nutritional Testing the results have been excellent using the whole food supplements. I have had so far one of the healthiest years that I can remember. I feel much more energetic for each working day and a good general sense of well-being. My blood sugar levels are improving. An unexpected but welcome change is an improvement in my tooth sensitivity, gum and dental health. I had a history of gum problems and tooth sensitivity since having a root canal procedure years ago.

I look forward to continue our work together to further improve my life style and weight control goals.


I began to see Dr. Daney at the suggestion (nagging) of my brother. He had found good health from Dr. Daney and felt I could also benefit. He knew I wasn’t operating at 100%. I wasn’t experiencing any specific disease but generally wasn’t feeling my best. Fatigue, loss of energy, no motivation, headaches, and a general feeling of the blahs. Ho hum…

On the way home from my very first appointment, I experienced a scary event (unrelated to seeing Dr. Daney I might add!). My airway totally shut down while driving and I had to dramatically pull off the road and came flying out of my vehicle mouthing to the people in the yard to dial 911. I was seconds from fainting from lack of oxygen. It felt like my airway was closed off…no air going in or out. Gradually I got some air and cancelled the 911 call…I went home and saw my family doctor the next day. He recommended a pulminologist…then chest x-rays..all ok..then on to an ENT who diagnosed me with acid reflux which caused vocal cord dysfunction…my vocal folds were closing inappropriately, shutting off my airway at the wrong time, due to the acid reflux.

Over the next weeks my vocal folds closed off daily and I could not breath. It mostly happened during the night and I would frantically wake up with absolutely zero air going in or out. Frightening!! I had to calm myself down to resume breathing.

I called Dr. Daney and told him I needed to get cured of this problem by my ENT before I came back to see him. After weeks of seeing the ENT and taking nasal steroids and Protonix, I began seeing Dr. Daney on a regular basis. After a few months, the nagging lump in my throat (symptom of acid reflux) had stopped completely, I had weaned myself off the Protonix and nose spray, and I no longer had breathing problems.

Then I noticed the original reasons I came to Dr. Daney were better… my fatigue was gone, I felt motivated (I redecorated two bathrooms in a month), was exercising regularly, music sounded good again, PMS symptoms weren’t as dramatic, headaches gone, and overall I felt ‘good and normal”.

When the time change came in the fall from daylight savings to eastern savings, I realized that I didn’t slip into seasonal affective disorder. I’d been progressively getting worse over the last ten years…even the thought of the dark days of winter made me feel gloomy. The past two to three years, I felt anxious, depressed, and claustrophobic when the time change happened in late October. I went to work, came home, made dinner, hit the couch, fell asleep. I even had to take antidepressants one winter to get through.

I noticed this year that the time change had come and gone and I was still feeling good, no dread of the dark days, plenty of energy, feeling fine!!!

Life is good!



Initially I went to Dr. Pat Daney for a chronic lower back pain problem. He was able to resolve my chronic lower back problem very quickly and thoroughly. He then asked me how I was doing in other areas of my general overall health and I actually complained of over 15 "normal aging problems" like low energy, waking up too early, unrestful sleep, and more. He explained to me that a lot of these problems were very real but not problems I had to continue to live with and recommended a Nutritional Response Testing evaluation and treatment plan. I agreed and am very glad I did. My list of "normal aging problems" had shrunk to almost nothing. As a result of Dr. Daney's treatment, I'm eating healthier, drinking healthier, lost 20 pounds, sleep better and have a lot more energy. Need I say more?

We all seem to have a lot of "normal aging problems" we just seem to accept as a normal part of growing older ( I am 61) and put up with. I am very happy with the results of Dr. Daney's Nutritional Response Testing Program. I recommend you ask him about it.

Bob D.




Augustine, my son who is now 9 y.o. was nursed for the first year of his life. Although I was a healthy eater and only drank water, herbal tea and milk, Augustine was throwing up more than he was burping and always seemed to have a bloated abdomen. At 6 months of age, he had an appointment with a Pediatric GI specialist. I was told that Augustine had an “incompetent sphincter” between his esophagus and his stomach and that he “would probably grow out of it.” He was prescribed 15 mg Prevacid powder once daily to decrease the acid production in his stomach which should decrease the vomiting. By age 1, he began having several episodes of a significantly bloated, painful abdomen for which we began giving gas relief medicine.

By age 3, Augustine’s symptoms were worsening and he was prescribed 30 mg Prevacid, an adult dose. His condition improved with this dose but he still had episodes of pain, bloating and just vomiting for no apparent reason. We could all be sitting at the kitchen table eating and he would just get up and go to the garbage can, throw up, and then come back and eat some more. We encouraged him to eat slower and chew his food more but the symptoms continued.

When he turned 4 y.o. we went our bi-annual appointment to the Pediatric GI specialist and I asked for an endoscopic examination of Augustine’s his GI tract. I am an RN and was tired of being played as the “over-reactive RN mom”. The Dr. agreed but still didn’t see any point in doing the procedure. Much to the Dr.’s surprise, my son’s GI tract was riddled with a condition known as EOSINOPHILIC ESOPHAGITIS, which is associated with many food allergies. The University of Pittsburgh and the University of Cincinnati are the only two institutions in the USA that research and treat E.E. Their protocol is followed nationwide. There is no cure for E.E. It is a disease that Augustine will NOT ever outgrow. It is a chronic condition that after long term erosion of the lining of his esophagus, will eventually lead to Barrett’s Esophagus which is precursor to Esophageal Cancer. Treatment is avoiding foods that cause worsening of the symptoms and keeping the symptoms “at bay”. For E.E., maintenance meds include daily doses of Prevacid for the GERD, singulair (a med usually used for those with asthma; found to be helpful for those with E.E.), and an antihistamine (he was prescribed Claritin) to decrease the body’s allergic response.

First as a mom and then as an RN, I worked diligently at eliminating several foods in his diet and began experimental antigen therapy prescribed by an allergies. This enabled him to eat more foods and traces of those he was allergic to but GI symptoms persisted. Augustine continued to have bouts of abdominal pain that were excruciating and there was nothing I could give or do to make them go away or to get better. A parent who was also an RN who felt helpless and hopeless personally and professionally. Augustine would frequently tell me “You’re a nurse mom – do something!” All I could ever do was hold him, console him, provide warm packs to his abdomen, and pray for the pain to go away. Pray for a cure for what he had. We were all frustrated with the doctors’ frequent responses of “you just have to live with it.”

Augustine would have at least 2-3 severe stomach aches a month. We have had 3 visits to the ER for extraordinarily painful stomach aches (between the ages of 4-8) and another one when we were caught in a traffic jam out of town. There are no warning signs. Just severe, sharp abdominal pains. The Doctor’s are always baffled, never having heard of the diagnostic before. They ask us questions, are intrigued with our responses, look on-line for answers and come back empty handed. “There’s nothing we can do.” We wait out the pain and are sent home without any more answers than we went in. we continued to watch our son suffer and live in fear of the next attack and when it might happen and its severity.

My husband and I would go on-line every now and then over the years to check on new research and progress on control of E.E. As a nurse, I really didn’t like my son being on so many meds at such a young age with no end in sight of discontinuing them. Recent medical literature was now stating the dangerous long term effects of Prevacid on the liver and pancreas. I knew he needed it but what were our options? I didn’t know where to turn since we seemed to continue hitting dead ends.

I was seeing Dr. Daney in January of 2009 for chiropractic myself. I shared with him my frustration about Augustine’s medical condition and medical treatment plan (or lack thereof). I told him I felt as if I had hit a brick wall that was impassable from all sides. Dr. Daney told me about Nutrition Response Therapy (NRT). I started bringing Augustine for NRT in February, 2009. Dr. Daney worked diligently with diagnosis and treatment. We committed ourselves to recommend appointments and the supplements required to improve Augustine’s condition.

I believed the healing power of the supplements because they were originally grown and processed and have purposes for specific parts of the human body. I readily stopped using Singulair and the Claritin but stopping the Prevacid was more challenging mentally – I knew how miserable Augustine was if he accidentally missed just 1 dose of the Prevacid. Four months into treatment, I began weaning him off the Prevacid and eventually completed off.

Augustine has gone from being miserable daily and having severe stomach ache free, and best of all, medication free!!!! I am amazed at the progress made by Dr. Daney with Augustine’s condition that seemed hopeless only two and a half years ago.

Thank you Dr. Daney for your persistence and perseverance that lead to successful, drug free, pain free maintenance of Augustine’s Eosinophilic Esophagitis.

Augustine written by Monica his Mom


I met Dr. Daney when he began to treat my boyfriend for very serious low back issues. During that time I spoke with him about my health problems. He explained to me how Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) works. I was very unsure about it because it was so different; however, because he was able to help my boyfriend I jumped in with both feet and totally committed myself to the program.

Dr. Daney said that medication issues were between my medical doctor and myself. I wanted to be more in control of my body and my emotions, so I took myself off of both my antidepressants and my blood pressure medication. The antidepressants made me feel like a zombie. When I began NRT I weighed 233 lbs and my emotions were all over the place. He asked me what health goals I wanted to accomplish. Of course, I told him I wanted to become as mentally and physically healthy as possible. I was tired of being unhealthy and masking my symptoms with drugs.

My life and my body did not get this way overnight and I knew it would take time to improve. Even now, I continue to remind myself to take it one day at a time!

I have had bowel issues my whole life; at times, I would not go for 7-10 days. During the program, there were several times I became discouraged because I wanted things to happen quickly. Dr. Daney encouraged me to continue being patient and follow the program. Several times I e-mailed or called him when I had concerns or questions. He always made time to see me and help me through the issues. Sometimes those hurdles were like waves crashing into me. Dr. Daney made those waves go away.

As I continued with the program, no one really knew I was doing it. I had people ask what was different with me. They’d say “your eyes look bluer,” “you seem in better spirits,” or “you look like you’ve lost weight.” Normally I would just blow off the compliments, simply because of the industry I’m in, but now I relate the compliments to my improving health, hard work and commitment.



  • Weight loss to date: 19 lbs.
  • Able to sleep through the night with complete rest, 7-8 hours
  • No more midday sluggishness
  • Emotions are stable
  • Improved eating
  • 100% improved digestion


For me, this program has changed my life in ways that I could have never imagined. I first had to go every week and now I am going every four weeks and I kind of miss Dr. Daney and his staff because they make me feel so important that I feel like their family.

I hope my story helps other people that are struggling with their health and it gives them the confidence to try the NRT program. You really cannot understand its success until you go through it yourself. The concept of giving your body the nutrients it needs to repair itself seems so simple, but it is very foreign to traditional health care. I feel very grateful and thankful for all that I have accomplished through NRT. Thank you for never giving up on me!



Our 9 year old son woke up one morning with excruciating head pains that hit him in short quick bursts that immediately made him scream in pain and grab his head. On a scale of 1-10, he rated them as 9’s and 10’s. He had always been a healthy kid with no remarkable health history. They lasted anywhere from 3-10 seconds and left as quickly as they came. They would come back every minute or two with the same severity. This lasted for up to six hours in the morning and then came back at night for 2 hours before he fell asleep. He would have up to 240 of these episodes each day. This happened every day for 3 weeks. Obviously he could not go to school and we exhausted every avenue we could think of with his pediatrician and neurologists. We had an MRI, CT scan, MRA, two EEG’s, 2 sets of X-rays done with all of them coming back negative and no one was able to explain the pains. I had come across Dr. Daney and the Nutritional Response Testing a month or two prior to Jimmy’s episodes occurring. We called the office and explained what we were going through with Janice and Dr. Daney stayed late to see us that day (Friday). Dr. Daney applied the Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) to Jimmy and we started following the dietary supplements that the NRT results suggested. We followed up with Dr. Daney weekly and tweaked the supplements as needed based on the changes occurring in our son’s response to the supplements. Slowly but steadily, we first saw the episodes decrease in the severity of the pain that Jimmy had. The pain began to rate as 7’s or 8’s and sometimes they went down to 5’s and 6’s. Then the frequency of how often they came slowed. The first night that Jimmy had no episodes was amazing. That was followed days later by the first morning that Jimmy didn’t wake up with immediate pains. It has now been 10 days since his last episode (knock on wood). It is hard to explain the gratitude we have for Jimmy being back to where he was before these episodes. Watching your child go through the pain that we experienced was the hardest experience my wife and I had ever gone through. Dr. Daney was so far above any healthcare professional we were going to with regards to his genuine care and concern for Jimmy. It wasn’t hard to see the concern my wife and I had regarding what was happening to our son, and Dr. Daney truly cared about getting this situation turned around. He called us to check up on Jimmy after hours on his own, he met us on numerous occasions after hours to test Jimmy and see how he was doing. I don’t want to imply that other people didn’t care about Jimmy and his well-being but until you are faced with such a life changing event, it is difficult to understand the importance of a healthcare professional truly looking at your child as their own and being genuinely concerned about treating them. Dr. Daney far surpassed what I would have asked of him to do to take care of my son.


I am 54 years old. A few years ago I began to have pain in my arms and shoulders. I went to a chiropractor hoping it would help. He tried kinesiology, but there was no improvement. I then went to my medical doctor who did x-rays on my upper spine. She just told me I had mild arthritis and prescribed over the counter pain relievers. Over several months the pain continued to get worse.
My friend who is a retired chiropractor suggested I see his daughter-in-law who is also a chiropractor and was visiting from Atlanta. At my one visit with her she introduced me to NRT. She suggested a few supplements, a deflame diet, and a cleanse, all of which I followed. After the cleanse and some improvement, I went to another chiropractor who encouraged me to not eat carbs or sweets and gave me regular adjustments. At this point most of my joint pain subsided.
After a few months; however, my one arm began to have severe pain. The increasing pain began to radiate down my arms and sometimes into my hands. At night it was hard to find a position where I could tolerate the pain in order to get to sleep, often waking up to reposition myself. At that point I did not know where to turn.
My friend who was a NRT patient of Dr. Daney's encouraged me to meet with him. By this time my arm pain was severe most of the time, throbbing and radiating, with the focal point going from one place to another-very weird yet so very real.
Through the NRT program he was able to diagnose the problem. With supplements and a change in my diet, my arm is now back to normal, the agonizing pain is gone. It was a true miracle for me.
I have had some set-backs with my joint pain because I am still struggling with continuing to eat properly. I am learning the importance of eating right and realizing that if! want to feel good, there are things I just can't eat. Dr. Daney has been great, and I will forever be thankful for his help.


Before doing the NRT program, I was having difficulties with asthma, reflux, and lack of energy. I had been sleeping in a recliner on and off for years to control my reflux and had been wearing a bipap at night (it was really attractive). I'm now able to sleep comfortably in bed without a bipap and no longer need to carry an inhaler with me. I have more energy. I didn't realize until after the first few months of the NRT program that I had been feeling so poorly! THANK YOU DANEY CHIROPRACTIC!



This is a note of appreciation to Dr. Daney for many years of care, helping me to stay pain free and mobile. My first encounter with the doctor was in the mid 1980's upon return from a trip to North Carolina. For most of the sixteen hour drive I found my right arm resting on the center console, needless to say the arm and shoulder were in bad shape. But, in a few treatments both returned to a painless and useable state.
Yard work was also a great love of mine, and when it was overdone or the wrong move put me out of alignment, of course, it was time to call on Dr. Daney for help. He faithfully got me back to a more comfortable condition.
After many of these incidents over the years, regular visits were prescribed. It has made me a believer in regular appointments and adjustments.
This last year, after two medical surgery procedures I was left with no energy to speak of. It was at this time I consulted with Dr. Daney about a holistic method called Nutritional ResponseTesting. I have been doing NRTfor about three months, going from weekly appointments, to bi-weekly, to now monthly appointments. I am now taking fewer supplements than when I started the program, and my energy has increased. At age 79, I now have enough energy for two part-time jobs, and a whole house remodel.


Before doing Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) with Dr. Daney I would get bronchitis every year like clockwork. Every year in the fall, when my allergies are the worst, I would start with a cold and then a couple of days later have bronchitis. I would try to use an inhaler, and when it didn't work I would call my doctor and get a prescription for antibiotics and steroids. Since I have been working with Dr. Daney I have not taken antibiotics or steroids at all. In fact, my allergies have never been so well controlled. I no longer dread allergy season.
When I first was tested by Dr. Daney for food sensitivities there were only a few items that did not show up as a problem. Over the years the list is now down to three foods that are beneficial for me to keep out of my diet.
Also, as a result of doing NRTI have been able to go off two prescriptions, which had side effects and replace them with whole food supplements. I have never felt healthier and more in control of my health.
I appreciate Dr. Daney's patience, perseverance, and his willingness to pay attention and really listen.

Thank you,

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